Melilla: Radunovic, Ruda, Soufiane, Tahiri, López (6), Luengas (17), Azzin, Jean Pascal (12), Añez, Giustiniano (20), Riganti (3), Martina (21) y Unai.

Sporting: Josue López (21), Masso (2), Suans, Jardin, Gelinski (2), Bertolani (18), Barth (11), Melgarejo (14), Gallego, Simoes (11) y da Silva.

Sets: 21-25/32-30/25-21/19-25 $15-11

Referres: Borislav Yordanov (Bulgaria) y Ton Knaepkens (Bélgica).

Notes: First leg of the CEV Challlenge Cup that was played in the Javier Imbroda hall that enjoyed a great time with a fantastic show.

Melilla Sport Capital Volleyball gets an important victory in the first leg of the Challenge Cup against a very good Portuguese team.

The match between CV Melilla and Lisbon started very evenly with a first set of 4-4. With the running of the points, small mistakes appeared in the reception of Melilla, which was used by their rival to get a good advantage in the electronics to get to 10-13- The Melilla Sport Capital block in and above all that they did not there was a good reception made the advantage increase until reaching 14-19 The spectators, based on a lot of caste, managed to get to 20-21, but the Melilla players were left with honey on their lips to be able to overcome the set where he fell by the result of 21-25.

The show of good volleyball came in the second of the sets where both teams gave it to get the victory. The first part of it was favorable for the Portuguese, making themselves at 9-14, having to stop the match with a timeout for the team of the local city, which had the desired effects since Melilla gradually approached its rival on the scoreboard with a very high level. Reception which made the score in the Javier Imbroda Ortiz hall stand at 17-18. Sporting brought out their best volleyball to get to 18-21. When Melilla had it worst, Riganti and Martina appeared in action to put things in their place and achieve a 24-24. From this moment both teams added points until luck was on Melilla’s side to win the set 32-30.

The set lost set hurt Sporting a lot, which was taken advantage of by the people of Melilla to get to 4-1. The team from the city showed its best version in all facets of the game, which meant that the differences were increasing until it reached 13-9. Melilla Sport Capital knew how to perfectly withstand the Portuguese onslaught and held on ahead in the electronic game until reaching 22-19. In the hottest moments of this period, the blockade from Melilla appeared on the scene to win the 25-21 partial.

With the swords held high, they would reach the fourth of the sets played in the Melilla pavilion. The local team knew how to stop the Lisbon team that came out with everything to turn the electronic game around. Despite all their efforts, the people of Melilla did not give up and the score was 6-6.

The good work of the players of the local squad was reflected on the scoreboard when they managed to put themselves with a small first advantage of 11-9, with a very high percentage in the shot. But Sporting once again took out their best weapons to turn the score around and get to 11-17, with a block that bordered on a great height, putting a 0-8 run.

After this partial, the set went uphill for Melilla, who could not come back and fell by the result of 19-25.

The winner of the fifth would decide the winner of the match between Melilla and Sporting after four sets that were very even.

This period began with a 3-3. Small mistakes in reception by Melilla were used by Sporting to get to 3-5, but at this moment the figure of Jean Pascal appeared who, with his blocking, put his team ahead on the scoreboard with 8-6. This distance was perfectly maintained by the people of Melilla to win the set and the match by the result of 15-11.